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13th Monkey live

Maschinenfest / 5.-7.11.2010


Mark Rhein

Already a first glance at the musical career of Mark Großmann adumbrates the thirst for enterprise and engagement of this young man: It was only 2006 when first own DJ mixes boomed from his home stereo. But his technical skills and his record selection spontaneously turned out to be surprisingly sovereign so that his wild record- juggling between Minimal, Techno and Deep House soon became fancied as a new guarantor for frisky dancing pleasure on the floors of fun-loving North German student town Lueneburg. It was exactly here, where he attracted the attention of the promoter collective Sonic Fiction, a group notorious as heavily party-addicted, in 2008. They realized his special sense for the right record in the right moment and he was hooked up. Representing this illustrious crew, Mark is frequently putting his definition of groove out on air in his own radio show “Rush Hour”. Of course this little biography would not be complete without mentioning the recent producer engagement of this young man: Being 50% of Wagner & Großmann, he presented some really serious and promising dance music in the beginning of 2010. Somehow things go really fast for this dude…